STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative

We are very much focused on developing the youth, especially through programs that strive in sports, theater, arts, and dance. Our team under Joshua Chit Tun's leadership provides such opportunities to students in the following: Multi-media, Photography, Graphic Design, and Writing in addition to what already exists in after school programs. 


STUDENTdirect is made possible with the dedication and well recognized work of students and their communities working together as a unit. For students this is an opportunity to get real field experience as well a chance to connect with their local resources while still attending school. If they have not already, this is a great step forward in creating/ adding to their portfolio (resume).


What we have accomplished in the past is strategically fundraising through the help of many community organizations where a singular event can make such a difference. We are very proud that through the youth initiative $3000 can multiply to $12000 in one night where tickets were $4, and the money reinvested into more events where by the end of the year, it accumulated to $80000. ONCE MORE, THIS  WAS A COMMUNITY EFFORT. Read more about the Haunted House and future events like it.  


To conclude, STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative is working with private companies that demonstrate multimedia in all its aspects for the arts and applied learning. Such a group is Boogiezone Utopia of which Joshua Chit Tun was instrumental in the development of this relationship. 


The Youth Initative's interest in multimedia is further expressed by Ruxanda Calistru's involvement where she uses her talent as a musician to advocate for the youth. She serves as a Strategic Advisor and hopes to bring more opportunities for the youth in arts.

ICA Displaced Initiative

We ask you to provide assistance with our “Displaced Initiative” which supports many non profits that provide aid to members of the displaced community. Your generous donation will assist us in generating awareness to support one of our current projects. Our initiative has committed to give time and money to help furnish supplies and provide a more comfortable environment for those who are displaced through a variety of organizations in the community, such groups are a temporary solution for homeless, displaced, and single mothers with children.


The ICA Displaced Initiative is a campaign started by the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, No More Starving Students Foundation, CSYou, and Churches Assisting Neighbors. We are a group of young “professional” volunteers in the Greater Los Angeles area. Through STUDENTdirect’s Volunteer Program, Initiating Community Action, the ICA Displaced Initiative provides committed individuals an opportunity to give back to the community and beyond in so many ways. We learn leadership skills and follow the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation’s Code of Conduct.


Currently we have been very fortunate to help groups like No More Starving Students and Akhawaty, Inc. 


Joshua Chit Tun is not only the Strategic Advisor for the ICA Displaced Initiative, but also No More Starving Students. As the current Chairman of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation and VP of Operations for Initiating Community Action, he most recently joined the board of Akhawaty, Inc. which represents STUDENTdirect's intent to be commited to such organizations like Akhawaty who are making a difference.

Healthy Living Initiative

When it first began, it was proposed by Lilia Sargsyan, Strategic Advisor to the Healthy Living Initiative and supported by Joshua Chit Tun, VP of Operations at Initiating Community Action. Her goals were to propose healthy options when it came to restaurant menus of which local offices could order directly from the Healthy Living Initiative in a streamline manner that would benefit both local restaurants and office employees.


The second stage of the proposal would be to reach out to high schools and offer the same solution, but on a much larger scale. 


In summary, 


Partnering with today's local restaurants to bring business professionals and workers of all types a special opportuntiy for healthier, more diverse, and delicious lunch menu options in an effort to boost post-lunch work performance and productivity, energize, and awaken the individual instead of deaden and tire them, and ultimately create an atmosphere where healthier employees will be the next progressive example of an overall better society and enviroment to live in.


To conclude, we are now progressed in collaborative efforts with groups like

Our Commitment, Inc. and Ellora.


Please support us in our efforts for sustainability and healthy living.


Joshua Chit Tun 

VP of Operations