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STUDENTdirect International represents the will of the students around the world. We vote on important international issues annually, and, subsequently, we work to overcome these global problems in unity.


STUDENTdirect International's body are made out of Initiating Community Action chapters throughout the world.


Become a member of an Initiating Community Action chapter and have your voice heard.


Joining this brand will keep you updated with global progress and will begin your induction into #NextGenLeaders.


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Our Leadership

Bola-Ige Alabi 


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Jonathan Blair 

VP of Operations

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Joshua Chit Tun 

Strategic Advisor

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Our Recommendations
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Initiating Community Action
Initiating Community Action
Helumbu Project
Helumbu Project
President Bush Leadership Institute

The following organizations will be instrumental to your path to success.


These groups not only demonstrate our values well, but where it applies can be an advantage for you.

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